Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We were attending a Reunion for the Williams family in Vernal, Utah. There were Bascom family members from as far away as Canada in attendance. Grandma Williams was a Bascom before marrying. We had met at the Colton Pavilion. They were calling the roll. With my spiritual eye I could see Grandma Williams and where she was standing with her spiritual family. But, when her name was called, I couldn't see her and the spiritual family members gathered around her. I was so disappointed. I was standing by my cousin Ted Williams. He was a little short fellow. I leaned over on the top of his head and let out a whimper. It was such a special moment I had an over whelming desire to cry. Why couldn't I see my grandmother? I knew exactly where she was standing.

We had taken my granddaughters, Michelle and Stephie, to the Reunion with us. The next morning we drove to Salt Lake City. We found a nice hotel to stay in. That night we took the girls on a tour of the city in a horse drawn cart. We had a great time. The next day we drove on to Alamo where home was, at the time.

During the night an angel came to me and took me on a long flight high in the dark, cool sky, going towards Tonapah, Nevada. Soon we started to descend in pine trees and the country side of a mountain. We came to a beautiful valley. The angel and I lay flat on our stomachs as we watched Grandma and all of her family who had attended the family reunion in Vernal. I knew everyone there. I was so close to them, I wondered why they couldn't see me. Grandma was wearing a beautiful long white dress and a large broad rimmed white hat. Beautiful! Grandpa was dressed in a white suit. All their children were there. Eight boys and four girls. We watched for a long time and finally the angel and I started our flight home to Alamo. I was permited to see all the family that was in attendance at the Family Reunion, after all. One of the important things I learned from this experience, the family members in the Spirit World are in attendance at the Reunions whether we can see them or not. I've thought of that many times and I came home knowing why it is important to have family Reunions....

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