Wednesday, April 21, 2010


One night in my sleep, I heard a knock at the back door. I got up and went down stairs and answered the door. There stood Fred Thompson. He was married to my cousin Hazel. They had married in the temple. We had heard they were getting divorced. The had lived apart for quite sometime. By now, both Hazel and Fred had passed away. He said to me," I just got word today Hazel and I can be together." He was so happy. He came in my house and sat down at the piano and began to play some pretty dance music.

The next day I got in my truck and scurried to St. George to tell the family my experience. I found all the cousins visiting on a sidewalk. God bless little St. George. Cousin Verona and her husband had just arrived home from an extended trip they had taken across the USA to learn from each family member what should be done about the sealing of Hazel and Fred. They came home with the family blessing that the children should get a temple divorce for Hazel and Fred. After hearing my story they changed their minds. I had delivered Fred's message to the family just in the nick of time.....

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